Carrizo's Argumentative Essay: Saving Of Animals

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Recently, a father and son were praised for their heroic act today. While going about what seemed line a normal day, the two unexpectedly discovered a dog stuck in a tar pit—also known as a pit of Tarmac—that appeared to be in bad condition. While not planning to rescue an animal today, the two took it upon themselves to save the poor dog.
The event occurred near the Chilean city of Antofagasta, where Jhonny Alquinta and his son, Jhonny Carrizo, overheard the terrified cries of the animal. Upon their investigation, the two discovered the animal drowning in the tar pit, trying to keep her head above the ink-black liquid.
According to the duo’s family, freeing the dog from her liquid prison was not easy. Carrizo’s aunt, Rosmary Carrizo, stated the following on the subject: …show more content…

“It was a huge effort but they finally got her out of the pit.”
After the dog was free, the two rushed her to a veterinary clinic, where she was cleaned and examined. Surprisingly, the dog had not sustained any injuries or wounds of any kind. Ultimately, she was fine!
We managed to get the asphalt out of most of her fur,” stated one of the hospital’s physicians. “She has eaten and drunk a bit and is slowly getting better. Now we will do a blood-test to see if her organs have been affected.”
In the end, the dog was safe and the family that saved her life decided to adopt the animal. It is suspected that this was no accident, meaning someone intentionally left the animal in the tar pit. However, the family of heroes hopes to be a lot kinder to the animal than her previous owner

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