Tim Johnson Quotes Analysis

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You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Tim Johnson was a recognizable dog in Maycomb County, Alabama. Tim Johnson was regarded as “The pet of Maycomb county”(105). This title is very interesting. This means Tim Johnson is the mascot for the people of Maycomb. Tim Johnson’s owner was Mr. Harry Johnson. Mr. Harry Johnson traveled in a mobile bus and lived on the southern part of town. Tim Johnson is introduced in chapter ten. This is the first time in the book Tim Johnson is mentioned. Tim Johnson is suspected to have rabies by the children at first glance. After running for help, it is agreed the dog is not in a healthy state. The dog having rabies causes the neighborhood to stand still. Atticus Finch is given the job to put the dog down. He successfully stops the dog. Even though Tim dies, this is not the last time the scene is mentioned. This scene is mentioned during important moments in the book. Tim Johnson was not just a lovely dog that was unexpectedly infected by rabies. He was not just introduced for entertainment. Tim Johnson was introduced to for a far greater reason. This scene is a revelation to the reader. This scene reveals how Atticus Finch is always called upon to the dirty work for the county. Atticus does not run, but rather stand up and complete the task that is always given to him. It was not as simple as just shooting a mad …show more content…

The story revolves around the Finch family. The Finch family includes Jean Louise Finch known as Scout, Atticus, and Jem. The children grow up being scared of a character named Boo Radley. The town believes he is abnormal and does monstrous actions. When the children are older, the problem they deal with the Tom Robinson case. The case is a typical case during these times in the south. A black man is wrongly accused. Tom is found guilty even though it is blatant that he is innocent. Throughout the story, the children’s loss of innocence is critically

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