Burheart Bildger: Do We Love Our Pets?

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Burheart Bildger is a reporter in the New York Times. He had recently wrote an article on an Ill cat named Lady. Lady, was a cat who had been in need of a kidney transplant and her owners had gone into debt due to the surgery. Bildger had followed the owners through their ordeal on the surgery and others along the way in a similar situation. Bildger himself had come to a conclusion that maybe owners’ might love too much. That medical care for animals might be a bad thing that people can get the medical care for pets and that even material items for their own pets . I agree with Bildger that sometimes we can love our pets too much material with items. Though our love for our pets can provide us with the motivation to get our pet’s medical care they need. I , myself have had experience with both of these situations. Two of my own pet’s the other my grandfather’s pet. Each one unique in it’s own way and very educational for me, pets and their owners reactions. …show more content…

This pet means the world to my grandfather. He is a fiftynine year old man with a wife who is mentally ill. So it would be expected that he would emotionally attach himself to an animal. As one would expect the animal herself is spoiled. Teenie will refuse to eat dog food and will eat human food, She also does not wear a collar. Teenie will only wear a necklace with knock off pearls and diamonds. My grandfather loves his dog maybe to much.In this situation it is somewhat similar to one in the article Bildger wrote about. In The Last Meow in paragraph ten part three. A man in this part had flown halfway across the country to see his ill Labrador Retriever . If I switched were to these men my grandfather would do the samething. I believe that if my grandfather’s dog would to die he would spiral into a

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