Descriptive Essay On 9-11 Attack

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9-11 Attack " On October 4, 1998, at 10:00 in New York City at the Twin Towers, as I was walking through the subway station. I heard a big crash-like sound," I said drastically. Christina had just gotten of a plane because they said that hackers hacked their plane. When she got in New York, she gasped in horror as the two planes hit the two towers. " Everyone ran for their lives. Trying to escape the madness. People jumped out of windows and the ones who took the stair-case survived. The people who chose to take the elevator or chose to help people realized either it wasn 't coming or there were too many people so save." Josh said. Owen was in the first building that hit on the ninth floor. Velma said, "Umm..... Cadence, what …show more content…

He works for Mr. Bob. Owen was under some ash. The rescue dogs found him and brought him out safety. We splashed cold water on him cause the ashes were VERY hot. "Cadence" Christina asked, "what happens now?" "Well, all we can do is hope for the best until we know how this all happened," I told Christina. Owen walked over and thanked us for helping everyone get out safety and most importantly, him out. We all went back to my house and ate dinner and talked about what had happened. We all watched the news and saw each other on T.V and got all happy cause we had helped A LOT of people in those six hours. Eighteen years passed and we 're all good friends still. Owen has a daughter and a wife named Carrie, Velma has two little boys and a boyfriend a named Michael, Josh has one boy, one girl and a girlfriend named Jodi, and I have two daughters and a husband named Logan. We go to the park ever other weekend. We went to see " BFG" last weekend and next weekend we are going to see " Finding Dory". My rescue dog, Droopy, is now dead. He died on October 14, 2008. He died rescuing people from a flood. He was a boxer mixed with a lab, black and grey with white spots. Very big, but very special. XOXO

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