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Camilla Franks is an Australian fashion designer who has built a successful career in the industry. Her journey to success began with her struggling with cancer, which had inspired her to start creating kaftans. She first started her label Camilla in 2004 and she quickly gained recognition for her bold prints and vibrant colors. Her designs have been worn by people such as Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé. Her brand is now sold all around the world and has now also started selling other things such as accessories, homeware and ready to wear instead of just kaftans.

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Camilla Franks Kaftans have managed to become a symbol of Australia's fashion and has been widely embraced by women of all ages and ethnicities. Her designs are characterized by their bold colors, cool patterns and designs and their luxurious fabrics. Which have helped to redefine the traditional kaftan and make it a staple of modern fashion. One of Camilla Frank's most significant impacts has been on the Australian fashion industry where she has been credited with introducing a new aesthetic to the industry. One that has been characterized by its vibrancy, playfulness and celebration of diversity in her designs have been widely celebrated and have helped to establish Australia as a whole for creative and innovative fashion. In addition to Camilla Franks impact on the fashion industry Camilla Franks innovation has also had a significant influence on the Australian economy. Her fashion label has grown extremely fast since its inception, and in 2014. Camellia Frank's label ,Camilla, was valued at $25 million. Camilla Franks has also been recognised for her contributions to the export market, with her designs being sold in over 80 different countries worldwide. Camilla Frank's approach to design also had an impact on production and manufacturing in Australia. Camilla Franks label is committed to ethical and sustainable production practices and many of her kaftans are made in Australia. This has helped to support local manufacturing and provide employment opportunities for many Australian workers. Overall Camilla Franks kaftan innovation has had a significant impact on Australian society, economy, design, production and manufacturing. Camilla Franks designs have helped to establish Australia as a whole for

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