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Did you ever wonder why Jefferson Davis was successful during the Mexican War? Jefferson Davis was a Mexican war hero and an U.S. Senator.(A&E Television Networks."Jefferson Davis")He fought in the Battle of Monterrey and Battle of Bunea Vista, et cera.(A&E Television Networks."Jefferson Davis Biography")In addition, he learned new leadership skills (Weebly."Jefferson Davis") and he gained military experience at the Mexican War. (Word History Group."Jefferson Davis")Jefferson Davis had a great experience during the Mexican War and he learned a lot in the Mexican War that helped him fight in the Civil War. (Weebly."Jefferson Davis")
Jefferson Davis fought at the battle of Monterrey. For instance, the main people who fought in this battle were …show more content…

Senator and he did a lot while being senator. Later on ,he resigned from being Senator. As a matter of fact, he was offered to be the brigadier general but, he refused because he was elected to be the senator.He was a good choice to be the senator in the summer of 1847 because he was injured at the Battle of Buena Vista.(Mississippi Historical Society. "Jefferson") while being senator, Davis advocated slavery and state rights. In addition, He didn’t want California to become a free state.(A&E Television Networks."Jefferson Davis Biography")Davis resigned from being a senator in 1851 because he was selected to be a democratic Candidate.(Mississippi Historical Society. "Jefferson") Jefferson Davis was famous during the Mexican War and he did a lot during the Mexican War.For one thing, Davis was a Mexican War hero.("Jefferson Davis") He became famous at the Battle of Buena Vista because he blocked an attack of Mexican swords. ("Jefferson Davis Biography")He was also famous during the Mexican War became of his leadership skills.(Weebly."Jefferson Davis") He held the rank of colonel under his father - in - law Zachary Taylor. Lastly, he was also the U.S. Senator because he was a Mexican War hero.("Jefferson Davis

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