Adopt Military Dogs Essay

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War veterans are struggling to adopt the military dogs they worked with. Veterans should be able to adopt their service dog. Between the dog and their handler grows an unbreakable bond. Additionally, dogs have been known for helping with stress and other mental issues. There have been a large amount of veterans who have struggled to adopt their military dogs. Adoption can be a pain though, because if a handler gets injured the dog is given to another handler. Because of this, it causes several people to want to adopt the dog, making the process difficult. These dogs risk so much and go through so much with their handler. Their handler should be allowed to adopt their service dogs. A vast amount of handlers and service members are …show more content…

One point to make is that even though they grow an unbreakable bond with their handler, they can still save lives, and that is absolutely true. Though there are many other dogs that can do the same job or when the dog is decommissioned and it's service is done, the original handler should have first pick to adopt the dog. In a different case even though the dogs help with stress why can't the veteran get another dog to help with the stress. Though that is correct, it's more personal if it's a dog that has changed even possibly saved your life. They grow a much deeper connection and understanding through things they experience together, meaning it's more beneficial than just a normal dog. For example in the article Call of Duty when Jose and Zenit are apart, Jose states "Nothing felt right without him." Without his dog he felt different like something was missing and when Jose and Zenit were united all those feeling went away. In average these dogs can cost up to 20,000 to 40,000 and up to train them. Although these dogs cost a ton of money it doesn't matter because when their service is over the government gives them off for adoption. These dogs can save many people during their service, but when the military releases these dogs the first handler should have first pick to adopt

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