Terry Tempest Williams 'Prayer Dogs'

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This essay by Terry Tempest Williams, is describing us first the massacre of the prairie dog that occurred at the Cedar Ridge Golf Course, where over 400 prairie dog where gassed to death. There are 5 species of prairie dog and they are now threatened and might be in extinct in couple of years. The people wanted to exterminate the dogs because they were running the range because they consume a large amount of green grasses and forbs. According to Williams, “Prairie habitat not only for themselves but also for other grassland species. Prairies dog create diversity, destroy them, and you destroy a varied world (p86/87).” In other words she means, killing specie is also killing other species because is a circular, each one of us is in this world for a specific reason. If specific specie is destroyed, therefore, the other species that was relaying on it will progressively die …show more content…

She mainly speaks about the prairie dog in this article. She argues that it isn’t fair how humans are wiping out the prairie dog species. She said that nearly four hundred Utah prairie dogs disappeared in the summer of 1999 at the Cedar Ridge Golf Course. (Pg 82) She believes that they were murdered and gassed to death. Although this is considered a criminal offence, the people of Cedar Ridge didn’t care. To this day nobody knows who committed this crime and nobody wants to fess up about it although there are rewards involved. She argues that the Prairie dogs “Create diversity. Destroy them, and you destroy a varied world.” (Pg 87) I agree with this statement just because I feel like every animal was put on earth to serve a purpose. It isn’t fair that people are murdering animals just because they don’t want them on their property. Every animal adds to the diversity in this world and it isn’t fair for humans to decide to murder them whenever they

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