Pros And Cons Of Iditarod Race

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There are many pros and cons for if the Iditarod race should be ran. Just like everything else people have different opinions on it. It depends where you grew up, how you grew up, and your personal feelings. There are many pros to racing the Iditarod. You would probably agree if you grew up in Alaska. They started the Iditarod race after World War II and it has been annual ever since. In Alaska it is part of its rich culture and people watch and talk about it every year. So most of the pros are its history and how much people love it in Alaska. People come out from all over the world to watch the race and enjoy the scenery. It is a bigger commercial event then the Super Bowl in the Unites States. More pros to the Iditarod race is the winner of it. The winner of the race pretty much becomes famous overnight and more multi-time winners would often donate the money to a charity of their choice. They are long list of pros to the Iditarod race there is also a long list of cons. People think the race is abusing the dogs because they get hurt to an extent of sometimes dying. The dogs have to run one hundred miles across rugged terrain and in brutally cold conditions. Sometimes the dogs develop fights between each other and not only does it slow you down and make you rearrange the dogs it can injury them if you don’t realizes …show more content…

I believe that they should race but have more restrictions on how the mushers handle the dogs and use them. Some restrictions should be on how they treat their dogs, I think they should sign up for the race a year in advance and have inspectors come once –a-month to check on the dogs and make sure they are being handle correctly. I would also want the mushers to be sent to training to be able to tell if the dogs are hurt when the race is going on so they can get help. I would also like to see there be ATV’s that follow along to help any hurt dogs or dogs that might be

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