Informative Essay: Why Rodeo Is Not A Sport

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Some people believe that rodeo is not a sport, but I believe that it is more intense than baseball, football, basketball, and anything else that tie into that matter. There is rodeo all over the world. From Brazil to Arizona, there are athletes that compete all around to win money and buckles. When people think about rodeo, the three main events that they think of are bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. Each event in competed in all over the world. Rodeo is similar to other sports in different ways, some of these ways are they both have seasons, they also have coaches that make them so great, lastly, they have a big championship at the end of the season. Rodeo is made up of different seasons. Even though each event can be competed …show more content…

Most rodeo athletes start at a very young age and have an experienced parent or coach begin to work with them to teach them basics. Some of the basics may be how to ride a horse, or how to swing a rope. These coaches practice with the young athletes until they are as perfect as they can be. Lastly, rodeo has a big competition at the end of the season just like football has the super bowl. The National Finals Rodeo is held in Las Vegas, Nevada each year at the Vegas Convention Center. It's a big rodeo that is held for ten days, and all of the best rodeo athletes go there. Each day the athletes' are required to compete in their event. Competitors will compete even if they are hurt. For the person that wins that night, they will be put at the top of the list with the most points. This will go on for ten days, and whoever has the most points wins. As you can see rodeo is very similar to other sports. It has points and coaches just like football or baseball. It has a final event just like football has a super bowl. Lastly, it has a main season just like any other sport. The only main difference is: it doesn't take balls to put on a rodeo, So how do you feel about rodeo being a

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