Native American Pipeline Pros And Cons

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Over the past years Native Americans had cared for their own sacred lands, the story and religion that their primogenitors had taught them. The Native Americans had still carried the strong belief, that their land shall stay the same as if it should've been until new people had come in from elsewhere to change the land to something we all see outside till this day. However, there is a new project “The Dakota Access Pipeline” that had crossed the line of Native American trust between the new people that had changed everything the Natives had had since their ancestors were still living. No matter what effect the pipeline puts on most people there are some positive causes that can change a person such as protesters to think positive towards the pipeline being built on Indian reservation land. Even if the pipeline can cause many people to have a thought that the pipeline should not be built, only if they can hear from both sides, they can have a second thought and allow the pipeline to be built.The Dakota Access …show more content…

The sententious construction of the pipeline will help…”create thousands of jobs”(DAPL:top pros and cons). By implying more jobs, it allows many people to have the opportunity to have a workplace in which they can earn the money to pay off and bills presented. Even if the pipeline can produce more jobs, but the pipeline would not cause any major incidents. Once the Dakota Access Pipeline is bonded into place, workers wondered if there, shall be a decrease in ant incidents than other major pipeline that recently resulted in spillages. The DAPL both pros and cons, states that there is a new way of “oil freight ages…to major refining markets in a more productive way towards the environment.” less damage in the pipeline can cause the environment to be clean and to allow the people not to be worried and to think that the pipe can transport the crude oil

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