Arguments Against Animal Rights

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Animal rights is one of the least thought of controversial topics around the globe. Regardless of the way some of the population feels about this idea, there are few people who take responsibility in standing up for these powerless beings. Although it may seem that the negative treatment of these animals appears to be decreasing yearly, there are still a multitude of people who take advantage of these animals’ defenselessness. Due to the people who assert their dominance over animals, experimentation has become more accepted throughout the world. This is an inadequate way of attempting to find the answers and results to the questions of these experiments. The poor treatment of animals is achieved by the fact that there are not enough laws to protect the rights that they cannot establish for themselves. In order to protect these helpless animals, there needs to be a larger amount of ways to go about decreasing the abuse inflicted upon them. The ways that animals are treated is unfair, immoral, and unethical. Animals are taken advantage of in a variety of ways such as household abuse, farm factories, …show more content…

The laws that are here today do not do enough to protect our animals. There are always loopholes to get around doing things the proper way. For instance, different breeders keep their business a secret to avoid obeying the law. In conjunction with this, the mills that are public often times follow the law so exactly but the puppies still have harm inflicted upon them. If the law calls for an animal to be able to stretch and turn around in its cage, the breeders will buy a cage exactly large enough for this to happen. By buying smaller cages, they can save funds by not buying larger, more proper cages. If the law says that certain animals need at least an hour of exercise a day, they will do exactly that, if not

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