The Last Meow

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Animals have always been a huge part of my life as long as i can remember. I have had animals since i was a baby and still do. I care about my animals and do not mind spending money on them when absolutely needed. I feel as if they depend on us as their owners to help them and that is exactly what i do. In Burkhard Bilger’s article, “The Last Meow”, he expresses his opinion about how people spend too much money on their pets. Although I agree with Bilger up to a point, I cannot accept his overall conclusion, that we spend too much money on our pets. Although I disagree with much that Bilger says, I fully endorse his final conclusion that sometimes people become obsessive of there pets. Though animals may need medical attention, I do not agree that they need expensive pet beds or fancy designer clothes. When it comes to our pets, people sometimes feel a need to splurge. Love overpowers money because of the deep connection we have with our pets. For…show more content…
Studies show that feelings are not easily transferred when it comes to pets. As Shawn says about Lady, “It would be hard without Lady around.” My dog Roxy recently passed away. I have noticed that no dog will ever be able to fill the void in my heart from losing her. Everyday i think about her and miss her. Shawn Levering, Lady 's owner, would oppose my position. He would point out that if it was up to him he would not go through with spending all of the money to save Lady. On one hand I grant that Shawn Levering makes a good case, I still maintain that pets are worth spending the money on. They depend on you and need you to help them in need. In conclusion, I do not agree with Bilger’s idea that we spend too much money on our animals. If you care about your animal it should be your choice how much money you spend on them. All animals are unique and we form special bonds with them. As an owner is it your job to take care of them and help them when in
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