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A volunteer experience of mine that comes to mind is one that is probably my most favorite volunteer experience yet. It is one that I get to do at my very own school called DUCK Week (Doing Unselfish Charities for Kids), which is a week long event that I have been a part of since I joined Piedmont Schools as a second grader. What makes this charity unique is that it focuses only on a member or a few members in our very own community, which is why we are able to be so successful with it. It is easier for someone to understand the need to help when it is someone that they may know. This small town in Oklahoma rallies around community members and together we raise funds to help those in need. DUCK WEEK began in 2004 when a group of student council …show more content…

Monday begins the week with the kick-off assembly to get everyone excited for what the week ahead holds. Tuesday and Thursday holds different activities every single year according to what the theme is. On Wednesday though it is called Wild Wednesday, because we have a huge carnival at our high school where all the students get to just have a really fun day and relax. Then finally on Friday we have our DUCK Week Talent show. This is where the students get to perform any kind of talent they possess in front of the school and community members that choose to come. The activities and events we host are always very fun and exciting. I have been a volunteer since my freshman year of high school, which is when they allow you to be a volunteer. Before that you may participate in the activities. I feel that this volunteer project does benefit both me and the recipients, because I get to experience such an amazing act of kindness that changes a person 's life forever. It also benefits the recipients, because they get to have their lives changed forever. The event itself takes a lot of hard work, and has to involve as many people as

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