Duck Hunting Research Paper

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BOOM! The sound the hunter’s gun makes once he got the animal in his scope. I have hunted many animals in my life that require different aspects that lead to a successful hunt. Each of the animals need different tools and skills. Using your weapon and expertise from past experiences will greatly increase your odds of bagging that trophy animal. Turkeys are one of the many animals that have great eye sight which requires the hunter to be as still as they possibly can. The primary weapon used by many hunters is a shotgun because of it’s effective range. Turkey Hunters use a blind because it makes them invisible to the turkey which allows them to get ready to take the shot when the time comes. Using a turkey call can and will help the hunter locate the turkeys while also drawing them into range. Ducks are one of the most expensive animals to hunt upfront, but in the end are worth it. Duck hunters use blinds to conceal themselves which allows them to move around and not be seen while ducks are overhead. A duck call is a hunter’s best friend. It allows the hunter to communicate with the ducks …show more content…

Using a tree stand allows the hunter to have a height advantage over the deer which helps keep the hunters scent off the ground. Using a tree stand also allows the hunter to have a greater view of where the deer are coming from. Hunters also use deer attractants such as: corn, salt blocks, mineral supplements, and acorns. Attractants help draw the deer closer to the hunter’s stand. In many states, hunting over bait is illegal. In the states where it is legal, hunters take advantage of it. Using a rifle or bow is the favored way to go when hunting deer. Bow hunting requires more patience than hunting with a rifle. While bow hunting, you have to wait for the deer to come into your effective range. While rifle hunting, you can shoot at greater distances than with a

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