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Looking for the buck of a lifetime? Look no further. We offer guaranteed trophy whitetail hunts on some of the most beautiful and challenging Whitetail hunting property in Oklahoma. This is your opportunity to see huge trophy whitetails and take home a trophy. These Trophy Whitetail Hunts offer our Guaranteed Shot Opportunity so if you don’t get a shot you come back free!
These hunts are offered as long as the whitetail are still hard horned but we could hunt all year long. We offer Archery, Gun, and Muzzleloader hunts. These Hunts are from elevated stands or blinds over feeders with shot opportunities between 50 and 150 yards. Test your skills on a spot and stalk Trophy whitetail hunt that will really get your heart pumping. It is a 3-day hunt with lodging which offer all the comforts of home. You will enjoy private lodging with meals included. We can also host non-hunting guests …show more content…

We take the hassle out of the trophy fee system that you will find at many other ranches and let you enjoy the hunt instead of worrying about how much you will be paying for the hunt.
Guided Trophy Whitetail Hunts
We offer hunts for bucks in the 140″ – 200″ range. These are guaranteed Trophy Whitetail Hunts. Oklahoma is home to some huge whitetail genetics and there is no better place to bag a trophy buck of a lifetime. Combine that with the challenging terrain and our professional guiding services and what do you will get is a hunt that you will never forget and the trophy to back up your stories! Whitetail hunting our prime habitat with thick tree cover and ridges means you will earn every bit of the bragging rights to your trophy deer.
If you have been hunting deer for years and just haven’t been able to bag one of those big whitetail bucks you’ve been hoping for, this hunt gives you the option of a guaranteed shot at a true trophy buck. Come join us for one of our trophy whitetail

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