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For a lot of hunters, nothing starts the year off better than a freezer full of venison. In some cases, however, the "would-be" venison gets its revenge. An unidentified man, 72, from Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, had to be rushed to the local hospital by ambulance after a wounded deer attacked him. According to the Fond Du Lac Police Department, the man had been hunting with his family when he shot a doe using his crossbow. The trouble came when he went to retrieve his trophy.

While the man walked through thick brush, the doe leaped out of a clearing and ambushed him. It went after him, and it hit him in the leg with her head. While they do not know the hunter's condition, they suspect that the injured doe escaped after the attacked. Even …show more content…

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, a hunter had been knocked down while hunting in New York. Because he had been injured and could not get up, he fired the shotgun he carried into the air so that fellow hunters would hear him. His brother was the first to discover him, and they found that a single hoof mark had been left on his clothes.

Whenever you are approaching an injured deer, always practice caution. All injured animals can do a lot of damage if cornered. Just because you see a deer that is laying on the ground does not mean that you have killed it. Before you attempt to retrieve a deer, you should reload and watch from a short distance. If you do not see movement after a few minutes, you should approach it carefully from behind the head of the deer. Never set your bow or firearm aside until after you have seen that it is dead. If the deer does not blink when you touch it using a stick, it should be yours to bag.

In the case with the man attacked by the doe, he had injured it with a crossbow bolt. Ambulance took him to the St. Agnes Hospital where he was treated. The call came at 7:30 pm. He had been injured on Peebles Trail in Taycheedah. Bonack, a fellow hunter of the 72-year-old stated that he guessed the deer had

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