Personal Narrative: The Day I Ever Hunted A Turkey

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I had never hunted anything until last year. I had listened to my dad tell stories about when he hunted before my brothers and I were born. My favorite story of his was when he was attacked by a “gargoyle”. Turns out it was a turkey. On April eighth of 2015, I shot my first Eastern Turkey, weighing 24.5 pounds with three-fourths of an inch spurs and a ten inch beard; this was a great sized turkey.
It was the day after I had gotten my new shotgun. I was sitting on my bed looking through the gun’s manual; I went to the section of the manual to look at all the chokes. I had seen that there was a turkey choke so I got it out to look at it. It had sent my mind into random thinking mode, I started to wonder when turkey season opened. Turns out it opened in a week or two. …show more content…

So, I started to research what decoys and calls work best. When I had finished researching I showed my dad which ones to get. He ended up getting the wrong decoys, but he got the right calls. We had both practiced for almost a week when we had decided that both of us are terrible at using the mouth calls. We ended up downloading an app with all the different calls on it and brought a speaker with us when we went hunting.
My dad asked one of his good friends if we could hunt his four acres of woods and 12 acres of farm land. He said he had no one lined up to hunt, so we went but ended up not getting anything. We went the next morning and set up our ground blind under a few trees. We had sat until almost noon when we had decided to try to sneak up on them. This didn’t work either. We saw a few turkeys, but couldn’t get close

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