A Personal Experience With Failure: My Experience In Fourth Grade

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One of my experiences with failure took place when I was in fourth grade. There were many problems accumulated and I was a child who needed people to see if I did my homework or study for the test, because I couldn’t concentrate and was distracted by anything in the room. My brother also had problems that year, he needed more attention because he didn’t get along with his math teacher and my Mom was always after him with the homework; otherwise he would have failed Math at the end of the year. In fourth grade, the teacher that was assigned to us was one of the strict teachers that were in that school and I think that was too much for a student in fourth grade. In the first day of school, I realized I was with some of my friends in my class and was happy, but then we realized that we had that teacher. Since we knew that she was our teacher, we asked our friends what she was like, my friend’s older brother said that it was difficult. However we did not think that it was going to be so hard, so when our school year began, the teacher started explaining the topics. Not all subjects were as difficult, and some classes expected us to do the work by ourselves using guides. My former teachers interact more with students, for example, once I remember I was playing in a confined space and we put a kid inside and left him there. Afterwards, my teacher sat me down and asked me why my intentions were since the other kid was my friend. Automatically, I felt bad about what I did and I

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