Personal Narrative: My Experience With Failure

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One of my experiences with failure took place when I was in fourth grade. There were many problems accumulated and I was a child who needed people to see if I did my homework or study for the test, because I couldn’t concentrate and was distracted by anything in the room. My brother also had problems that year, he needed more attention because he didn’t get along with his math teacher and my Mom was always after him with the homework; otherwise he would have failed Math at the end of the year. In fourth grade, the teacher that was assigned to us was one of the strict teachers that were in that school and I think that was too much for a student in fourth grade. In the first day of school, I realized I was with some of my friends in my class …show more content…

This is what happened to me, but in the end I passed my subjects. However, I got three failures during that year, so I couldn’t be there the next year. My mom was disappointed at the end, because the teacher could not do anything about the 3 failures, so I had to change schools. I feel that at this age was hard for me because I had all my friends and my brothers in that school. Now, I was going to be by myself in another school. The only thoughts that were on my mind were how hard it was going to start over again in a place where I didn’t know anyone. After I moved to my new school I started to make friends and I felt okay with the environment. Moving to another school taught me that you have to try to work with your impediments in order to succeed. Nowadays it still hard for me to concentrate, but you have to learn how to deal with that. Because of this, I always was waiting for my mom to ask me questions about the topics, and she also was aware of the three of us, not just one. Also, the environments of schools helped me learn responsibility and were also able to sign up for after school to get help with my homework instead of leaving the entire responsibility to my

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