Personal Narrative: One Recovery

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The transition from eighth grade to ninth grade is one of the most difficult but unforgettable things a student must do in his adolescence. For me, it was filled with new opportunities of taking Ap classes and joining clubs. One of these cubs was Youth and Government (Y&G). For as long as I can remember my brother, Riad, has boasted about how amazing Y&G is and how it has changed his life. My brother is three years older then me, so as a freshman he was a senior in Y&G. I was so excited for the year due to the fact that i got to experience Y&G with my brother. Little did I know that senior year changed my brother.

My brother Riad had always been a shy kid until senior year. During his senior year he started to experiment with different drugs and alcohol. This is normal for most seniors but my brother started hanging with a bad group of people. He never really had a group of people he could call friends and when a group …show more content…

Mr. Paterson gave my brother two options as a punishment for his actions. There was either, suspension of five days or participate in a new program at CDM called One Recovery. One Recovery is a program that helps students like my brother get past their addictions of drugs and alcohol. My brother selected One Recovery for multiple reasons including: no history of wrong doing on his college transcript and my brother sincerely wanted to get better and learn from his mistakes. So, my brother had to attend One Recovery every Thursday for ten weeks and honestly this changes his life completely. One Recover really helped my brother get past his addiction and focus on the more important things in life. Riad instantly found a new group of friends and even got a girlfriend; He reverted his senioritis and began focusing on his future life in college; and best of all, since that incident in Sacramento my brother as been sober from all drugs and

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