Personal Narrative: Life After Recovery

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Second semester of my sophomore year is when my life got flipped around. It was the middle of the season for basketball when I was struck by a knee on my shoulder at practice. I didn 't think much about it at the time, all I knew was that I was in pain. I was a starting post on JV as well as a full time varsity player. The last thing I needed was to get injured when my basketball career was just getting started.That day started a winding road that has not found an end even to this day. Doctors appointments after doctors appointments, they just couldn 't find what was wrong with my shoulder. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Injection after injection, just trying to find a cure for my pain, but nothing seemed to be …show more content…

I had thought finally problem solved, now I 'm on my way to recovery! Oh how I was so wrong about that. Once again I had to face those dreaded IV’s again but this time I was too out of it and to weak to even care. I was given lots of medicine and lots of fluids with a nurse constantly checking on me as my pulse was in the low twenties and the buzzer kept going off if it was below thirty or thirty five. Later that night I was released from the hospital thinking that the worst was behind me. Yet how wrong I was again. Just a couple days after my accident a raging migraine started to develop. I 've had migraines before but this one was unlike any other one I had felt before, and it was accompanied by a fever, chills, and nausea. I went to our family doctor as I was instructed to if I began to have these symptoms after surgery. After refusing to help us there I went to the urgent care nearby. With an alarming pulse of 248 and a monstrous migraine I was referred back to the hospital and was admitted into the emergency room. Once I was there I went through the same routine of checking vitals and the dreaded needles, but this time when they tried to get the IV in they didn 't get it in the first or second time not even the third try but instead two blown out veins later and the third different nurse the eighth miserable and painful time was the charm. At this point I was screaming and crying which made my head hurt even more and my overall well being had declined. I was given a few

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