I M Dying Monologue

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The world is dark and covered in stars. I can see the stars again, I think dreamily, as my heavy eyes stare up blankly. Blinking repeatedly, I find my throat tight and my breath heavy. My body is even sicker than before and I’m clammy and hot. I remember everything from before I fainted, and I don’t understand why I’m so sick. This isn’t from blood loss. This is something different. The bullet wound wasn’t that deep. It went straight through my waist and I had stopped the bleeding. So why do I feel like I’m dying? I try to sit up, but my body only responses with a groan of displeasure. Great, I can’t even move without my insides screaming at me. A guy is suddenly in front of me, his features blurry, and I try to scramble away. I don’t go anywhere …show more content…

There has to be a way for me to survive, even though, I have no idea what I’m dying from. I bow my head and I see it. The reason why I’m dying and it’s something that cannot be stopped. Horror rages through me as my eyes are fixed on my left arm. I can’t move my arm from below the elbow. I panic as I try to move my fingers. I can’t. I can’t even feel my skin brush against the cold grass. My arm, from the tips of my fingers to my elbow is solid metal. Silver to be exact and it is very slowly transforming the rest of my arm. It’s only a matter of time before it spreads to the rest of my body and I’m …show more content…

My family. My life. My home. Tears gather in my gray eyes and I freely let them pour over. I bow my head. I don’t want to him to see me break down. He won’t understand. He’d probably think I’m weak. The last time, I truly wasn’t in control of a situation, where I didn’t have a choice whether I was going to live or die, was with Jagger. He could have easily taken my life and yet he didn’t. I would rather be in that situation again, then this hell. “Crysta,” Jensen tries to comfort, saying my name for the first time. He places a gentle hand on my shoulder. “We’ll go back to my people and they’ll…” “They’ll what?” I scream, facing him with a red face and shaking his hand off. I don’t need someone to talk to me as if this is something that can just be fixed with a fill of a switch. “There’s nothing you can do or anyone can do. By the time, this silver reaches my shoulder, I’ll have minutes until it hits my heart and then I’m dead.” “Maybe…” “Don’t you get it? I’m dead! Leave me the hell alone!” I shout at the top of my aching lungs. “I never wanted your

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