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Beep, beep, beep. What is that annoying sound? Beep, beep, beep. Is it the sound of my alarm? Beep, beep, beep. I go to hit it, but pain shoots through me at lightning speed. “Oh honey you 're awake try not to move, your wounds still haven 't fully healed”
“Um, am I dreaming? It smells and looks like I’m in the hospital.”
I was expecting the nurse to say that I was dreaming, but what she said shocked me. “Oh I 'm sorry honey, but you were attacked and got shot in the shoulder and you have multiple stab wounds to your stomach”.
“Um, yea do you mind if I can like go back to sleep I can 't take all of this horrific information,”
“sorry, but with you concussion if you go to sleep in the next 6 hours you might not wake up again. I just …show more content…

This is easy, I thought to myself. I did what he told me to do on the dummy that is used to people don’t get hurt. Now it was my turn to smirk.
“Wow if you can do that without training then I think you are ready to go on your first mission.”

The next day
My first mission is to go undercover in a college to bust a drug lord. I know what you’re thinking a drug lord at college. Well, he’s a teacher.
Right now I’m in prep. In prep, you are given a whole new identity and they give you some information that they already know like suspects and places where they deal the drugs. As I leave prep to the college I will be attending until I finish this mission Axel gives me a look saying to not mess it up. I know I could handle it, but what I didn’t know was I was going to get a whole lot harder than expected and I would be close to dying.

2 weeks later
Today is my meeting with Axel and my boss. Right now I am on my way to the office in my new car, given to me by the company. I get a text from Axel saying that he won 't be able to make it the meeting because he has to continue with his own mission. As I am reading this text I hear a big crash and I start to see black dots I then start to feel …show more content…

Beep, beep, beep. Not again I think. As I start moving in this uncomfortable hospital bed I hear my boss. “Finally. Let’s get down to business. The person who crashed into you obviously didn 't want to get caught so they decided to run off before the cops came. We 're thinking that the person did it on purpose because you were finding too much information out about them. I would not have been the drug lord because he makes all his followers do all his dirty work for him.” My boss

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