The Runaway Dialectical Journal

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Jeffrey curses under his breath. That was close. Too close. We saw the light a millisecond before it saw us. We ducked down into the brush as fast as humanly possible, and even though I can feel the yucca digging into my leg with its razor sharp points, I don’t care. We escaped. It was an extremely narrow escape, but all the same, we made it.
Go back about 45 minutes and you would see all of the teenagers at Deer Valley Ranch gathered on the deck. It’s ten o’clock and we are all wearing our darkest clothes. They have been hyping us up for this all week and now, it’s finally time. We are playing smuggler, a night game about stealth. The rules are as following: there are 4 teams of 4 who are smugglers, trying to smuggle all of their …show more content…

He nods and we army crawl until we get to the rocky road, then we sprint to behind the chapel. We are out of breath but then we saw a dark shape moving towards us. We just thought it was another smuggler, so I say, “Find Jonathan yet?” Then he turns on a red light and our expressions change from casual to …show more content…

We hand Jonathan our cards and head back to the jail. If the cops see you taking cards from the jail, they can’t follow you so we take our second hand of cards and move in the general direction Jonathan might have gone. We dodge a few cops here and there, but we made a fatal mistake. Jeffrey and I rounded a corner and all we saw in that second was a white light and someone saying: “Stop! I caught you!”
The cop escorts us to the jail and takes our cards. The jailer makes us do some ridiculous stuff for a minute or two, then lets us go with our new cards. We find Bryson, or “Meme King” as we call him (mainly because he loves memes and knows practically every meme in existence) one of our team mates shortly after, without Michael. He said he lost him, so he came with us. In a few minutes, we find Jonathan again and start heading back to the jail. One of the cops catches us and frisks us for cards, but since we didn 't have any, he had to let us go.
Michael stumbles into us and we split up again. Jeffrey and I see a light again and hide under a few trucks for about 5 minutes, until the threat is gone. We hear a voice: “behind you,” it says. After we give Jonathan our cards, we realize we don 't have any more in the jail, only the two the cops stole. He gave us two jacks and said to give them the cards and they would give us our cards. We did it and sprinted back to Jonathan, and we

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