Ccib Intake Case Study

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CCIB Intake received referral #0651-1009-4066-0071107 dated 10/30/16. The reporting party (RP) was Oneil Malcolm, Facility Manager. The RP stated on 10/30/16 while supervising minors Devante Pinson and Jacob Sigala, Devanet was observed taking Jacob 's phone charger and walk towards his room. Jacob was observed stepping in front of Devanet asking repeatedly for him to return his charger. As Devante walked away he moved Jacob out of his way using his left hand. Both minors went to their separate rooms and closed the door; however Jacob was heard throwing thing around in his room. Jacob then came out of his room and departed from the facility at approximately 4:50PM. Upon his return at 5:10PM Jacob reported he contacted the police due to Devante

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