Joseph Apodaca Research Paper

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The reporting party (RP) stated on 7/21/15 a probation compliance search was performed on family member Joseph Apodaca Sr. in the family child care home. It was discovered the home was an immediate hazard to children. Present during the search were Elizabeth De La Rosa, Erica De La Rosa, and Citlaly Lopez. Also present were their children Michael Dominguez age 2 DOB 1/20/13, Isabella Garcia age 7 DOB 12/02/14, and Joseph Apodaca Jr age 1 DOB 3/17/14. Joseph Apodaca Sr. is the father of Joseph Apodaca Jr. and uncle to Isabella and Michael. During the search of the home the RP observed loaded hand gun and drug paraphernalia (a bong, blunts, and lighters) in Isabella 's bedroom. The items belonged to Joseph Sr. According to the RP more drug paraphernalia

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