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I picked to write about Alvin Ailey because I feel like this is the decade and generation that his legacy died in because when it comes to dance no one thinks of Ailey as the founding father his dancing is a lost art.. Alvin Ailey was an amazing dancer and choreographer with his own unique dance style. His talent was referenced in Fresh Prince of Bel Air and a different world his style is what makes him stand out from other choreographers. Alvin Ailey was not born with his name in lights he had a rough beginning. Born in Rogers, Texas on January 5th 1931 as Alvin Ailey Jr. His father was a laborer and he left when Ailey was less than one year old, his mother Lula Elizabeth Ailey was only 17 years old when she gave birth to him. She was very …show more content…

The U.S State Department backing was backing the troupe Ailey's company was the first modern dance group to visit the former Soviet Union since the 1920s. The company was asked to return to New York after a piece performed by Judith Jamison she made it one of their best known pieces. The piece was called "Cry" this was the piece that was featured on the episode "Mammy Dearest" on the show A different Word and Kim performed it after feeling offended about the image of Mammy and black women. The piece was dedicated to all black women everywhere especially our mothers, it depicts the struggles of different generations of black American Women. It begins with the unwrapping of a long white scarf during the course of the dance the dancer becomes a queen, mother, daughter, and other things. At the end of it an expression of belief and happiness danced to the song "Right on be free". Ailey says " I am trying to express something that I feel about people, life, the human spirit the beauty of things".

1980 Ailey suffered a break down that put him in the hospital for several weeks. He lost a close friend he was going through a midlife crisis he was also having money problems but he kept working, his reputation as the founding father of modern day dance grew over decades. Ailey received many honors such as the Springarn Medal, Capezio award, and the Kennedy center honors prize. Alvin Ailey died of a blood disorder on December 1,

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