Richard Angelo Research Paper

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Richard Angelo
How can a good person become a serial killer? What makes them change their way of thinking? The desire of power, attention, and recognition are big factors that can make you change or transform into a bad person. These were the reasons that made good citizen Richard Angelo become a dangerous serial killer. Richard Angelo had a huge desire of becoming a hero and being a person to look up to. He wanted to be known and made really bad decisions to accomplish that. But… did he accomplish his goal?
According to, when started working at Good Samaritan Hospital, Long Island, New York, Angelo gain the doctors and the personnel’s trust. He didn’t think that was enough he wanted more attention, he wanted to be “hero”, he wanted to be important, he wanted to be the most important one. So what did he do for that? Angelo came up with a plan where he would inject drugs into patients at the hospital, bringing them to a near-death state. After injecting his victims, he would show his “heroic” capabilities by helping to save his own victims, impressing the doctors, co-workers, patients and their …show more content…

And most of them died within minutes after he applied the injections. Angelo’s lawyers fought to prove that he suffered from dissociative identity disorder to explain his behavior. However, the judges didn’t accept the proves shown for this hypothesis. According to, the victim that survived, Gerolamo Kucich gave his testimony. Kucich identified Angelo as a bearded man in a white lab coat who gave him an injection “to make him feel better” and as soon as he injected him, he went into respiratory arrest. The website states that the testimony woke up a few people to the fact that he knew what he was doing. By telling the victims that he was giving them something to feel better and injecting this deadly drugs, he knew exactly what he was

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