Scp/049 Dialectical Journal

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SCP 049 is sitting with his back against the wall, having difficulty reading since his containment chamber is too dim to see the words on the book. He sighs and sets the book down on the ground. He gazes outside his cell window and observes the male scientist sitting in a chair next to a desk working. Maybe if I get his attention we can have an intelligent conversation thought SCP 049. He stands on his feet and walks to the window then begins knocking to get the scientist to acknowledge him; however, the scientist glances up at 049 then returns his concentration back to his work. He sighs and glares at the scientist. He is capable of leaving when he pleases thought SCP 049, while I am trapped in this cell at all hours of the day incapable of leaving my containment chamber unless I am getting escort to an …show more content…

The MTF sergeant kneels beside Joel, “It’s wonderful to have Joel, Dr. Lewis.” Praised Jim, “Unfortunately, I might have to hand him over to another former soldier because of the longer hours I’m station here, it wouldn’t be sensible for Joel to be lonely at home waiting for me.” “Perhaps they will permit Joel to guard Class D personnel?” Dr. Lewis replied, “Everyone would be thrilled to have Joel working in the Foundation, Jim.” SCP 049 becomes intrigued by the unexpected visitors in his containment room that he immediately stands and walks to the window of his containment chamber and gazes at the German shepherd. The MTF Sergeant and the young scientist continue their conversation; while Joel explores 049’s containment room and begins sniffing around. When Joel becomes aware of SCP 049 presence, he sprints to the window then begins jumping and barking

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