Personal Narrative: Post-Seizure Fatigue

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My eyes were closed. I could not move, but I could hear everything. Doctors were yelling and frantically scurrying all around me. I could hear the shouting of medicines and dosages as doctors pushed fluids into my IV. Suddenly, everything went blank, and that 's all I remember from my first hospitalization. Three surgeries to fix the structure of my hips, and months of life-threatening complications later, the memories are coming back in pieces. I remember the post-seizure fatigue that swept over me as a result of the drugs being pumped into my system. I remember the little girl whom I shared a room with and her plaid comforter that practically engulfed the entire hospital bed. However, most prominently, I remember the half smiles, the quickly wiped tears, and the exhausted sunken eyes of my mother. The events of the past few months were twisted around my ankles and dragged around their weight wherever I went. My friends were enjoying the beginning of the school year without me, and the discouraging weakness that comes with …show more content…

I might always have health issues, and I may not ever be able to relax. However, that struggle and that desire to overcome has inspired me not only to get back to the person I was before the surgeries, but to better myself because of it. It’s that drive that inspires me to stay up studying well after the sun has set, to endure the pain during my physical therapy sessions, and most importantly to see that everyone must overcome adversity no matter how much it may affect their life. I see the way my mother put her entire universe on hold to care for me, and how agonizing that must have been to watch her daughter nearly slip away. I see the little girl with the plaid comforter, she was so tough, hoisting a smile onto her face when the rest of her body was in so much pain. I see that when I fight I can survive and above all, I can thrive. My eyes have been

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