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Kayla Montgomery is worth admiring because she is still chasing her dream while being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. MS blocks nerve signals which causes her legs to go numb while running in the races. Kayla is one of the fastest long distance runners in the country and is a freshman on an athletic scholarships at Nashville’s Lipscomb University. With her condition, she has no feeling whatsoever while running when her body temperature gets higher and higher. People feel as if that isn 't fair- but when Kayla gets to the finish line, it then turns into a struggle. Her coach has caught her after every one of her meets, Kayla loses control and is unable to stop her legs until her body temperature lowers back to normal. Kayla has been involved in sports ever since she was little, in 2009 her life changed when she was diagnosed. Believing in herself is what made her keep going, being a motivational and inspirational runner. So how did she find out she had MS? Montgomery previously played soccer where she got injured during a game and was sent to the hospital where they found it in her foot after some scans, tests, etc., . Soccer then wasn 't an option anymore, so she turned to running. She trains 3 hours a day- 6 days a week, judging her pace ONLY through her legs and runners around her. Having a disease that could kill her anyday and moving, and pushing, and not being so negative about it, just …show more content…

"You can never really get used to the lack of feeling and the change of sensation, no matter how long you go through it. Every time it is still a bit of a shock and it 's scary -- it freaks me out a little bit." (http://blog.diversitynursing.com/blog/bid/187757/Kayla-Montgomery-Young-Runner-s-Brave-Battle-With-MS) To me, Kayla is admirable because she is BRAVE. Montgomery is determined to not let MS stop her from what she loves doing. ever let a diagnosis win (majority of the time) and effect you from doing anything that 's your passion. Her story is

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