Volleyball In The 1990s Analysis

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Volleyball 1990
Have you ever wondered how different volleyball is currently compared to the 1990s? What if volleyball never changed and was the same as it was in the 1990s? Volleyball has changed over the years while some things, such as the competitive feel, has remained the same. Volleyball in the 1990s was not only fun to watch but very competitive.
Karolyn Kirby played beach volleyball and won many awards throughout the 90s. When Kirby was playing volleyball, she won a surplus of medals “Karolyn Kirby was named Women’s Professional Volleyball Association’s most valuable and best defensive player in 1990” (Kirby 1). This means that many people viewed Kirby as an amazing beach volleyball player because of all of the awards she …show more content…

This is significant because the athletes did not just win medals the also got things from their sponsors. In addition, Misty did go through hard times but she loves volleyball as Misty said, “You’ve really got to love what you do for it to be extremely powerful” (Misty 69). This demonstrates that people have to work at what they love even though it is hard. This also shows that things are not always easy and that it is very difficult to achieve success. Misty and her mom have a good relationship as Misty said “ My mother is my compass. It has been that way from the moment I took my first breath, and it will be so until I take my last” (Misty 82). Mother and daughter relationships can be odd but moms are always there when needed. Misty May- Treanor and her mom were close and her mom supported her through thick and thin. Misty had received many recruiting letters about three hundred colleges including Stanford, Hawaii, Arizona, University of the Pacific and California State University - Long Beach (Misty 92). She chose to go to California State University. Misty learned that working hard in volleyball lead to many wonderful opportunities. If Misty May-Treanor had not tried, she would not have had the college opportunities that she had and would not be where she is today. In addition, after Misty won the NCAA championship, Misty’s physical therapist Valinda Hilleary Roche asked Misty “to play with her in a pro beach volleyball tournament” (Misty 113). This is significant because people noticed how good she is and that she works really hard. This reveals that working hard and not giving up on what is important can lead to great things. Through all of the opportunities that Misty May-Treanor had, it lead her to become an amazing beach volleyball

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