DJ Schwenk From Dairy Queen By Catherine Gilbert Murdock

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Would you rather choose sports or dairy farming? You may think dairy farming would be amusing at first, although DJ Schwenk from Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, finds the task of milking cows daily, tedious. DJ had to withdraw from her athletics for her family farm that was falling apart. Throughout the story DJ shows that she is determined and brave because of her choices. Darlene Joyce, who is called DJ throughout the book, towers over all of her classmates. Her short hair descends just down to her ears and looks like a “New York City Girl”, as she mentions in the book. DJ’s freckles are sporadic across her nose. Her brawny figure is what she describes herself as looking like a cow. DJ likes to cover that muscular, teenage body of hers with athletic clothes or a football uniform in that case. Your personality tells a lot about you, just like DJ’s tells a lot about her. DJ is a brave, athletic person. DJ is a hard working farmer, helping out ever since a hip injury debilitated him. She’s brave because she joined football. DJ’s willing to help her family and put them first, that makes her caring. She’s introverted and has a low self esteem. Her low self esteem is a reason why she believes she isn’t smart, but if she …show more content…

It’s implausible although that’s exactly what DJ considered. Her parents thought she was insane, doing this just to show her parents she was like her older brothers. Whereas DJ’s reasoning came from training Brian, a hired hand on the farm. Coach Ott, a family friend sent Brian over for the summer to help out on the farm under one condition, if DJ would train him. Now Brian is a rival football player from Hawley, which caused some conflict. While training him in secrecy, he reminded her how much she loved the game. So, she of course had to ask the coach and still try out like the others. Her determination got her to where she wanted to be, a linebacker on the Red Bend football

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