Francie Larrieu Smith's Major Accomplishments

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Francie Larrieu Smith, an iconic runner has achieved and accomplished many successes in her life. The iconic champion was born on 11/23/1952 in San Francisco bay areas and later graduation from the University of California in Los Angeles. Her willing-to-do, competitive, and challenge-accepting attitude greatly played a significant rule in her victories. When she first started running, her biggest ambition was to win the Olympics medal and then quit so that she could get married and have family and kids, but she didn’t think that she would get caught in running career for more than 30 years. She started working for achieving her maxim gradually since then. In her more than 30 years career, despite challenges women faced at that time and her foot surgery in 1980s, she never gave up and continued pushing even harder. This characteristic of her also played a significant rule in achieving all those great successes and achievement. Miss Larrieu broke world records many times and set international and US records. …show more content…

Smith who is an exercise Physiologist also gained many great benefits. He helped her control her diets, did grocery shopping to ensure healthy and nutritious food were brought to the table as she was concentrated rocking in her running career. Part of her overall success is also the inspiration and remarkable support she received from Jimmy. Miss Larrieu would not be able accomplish if she had not had her spouse’s support beside her. Despite all the dedication and hard work, Miss Larrieu was unable to win the Olympic medal. “It’s always out there, “she says. Until ’92, anyways. Losing hope and giving up could never beat her to achieve her goals and maxims. Not getting everything one has set goal for should never be a reasonable excuse to give up or lose up, in fact consistency and pushing even harder can eventually get one to that

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