Track And Field Essay

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Track & Field Track and Field looks like a very simple, easy, boring sport to most people but it’s really not. Some people don’t want to join track because “they don’t like running”, what some people don’t think about is the field part of Track and Field. There are many different options when it comes to track and field. Track and field is a very enjoyable sport to most of the members. It just like every other sport out there. One plus side to running is it could help you stay in shape today and in the future. The following will be included in this story: What perfect form is, breathing techniques, types of warm ups, how to eat, different events you can participate in, and different tips to help. First, I’m going to start off with perfect form. The first thing you should watch is how you hold your head. You shouldn’t be straining your neck, look naturally straight ahead to where you are …show more content…

Tip number one: finish fast, you never know what the person beside has left, they could easily pass you up in the last second. Another tip would be to slow down your breathing, when you breathe fast you are using up a lot of your oxygen quicker than it should be. My next tip would be to always land on your forefoot, this will help the collision forces in the foot that would be much worse if you landed on your heel. Instead of focusing on your running you should really try just to clear your mind. My last tip would be to always lead with your chest. I hope that this essay taught you more about track and field and maybe got you interested in joining a team. Running could also help you stay in shape today and in the future. This essay should have informed you about: perfect form, breathing techniques, how to eat, the events in track and field, some simple warm ups you could do, and some different tips and tricks to help you run. Hope it helped to inform

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