Persuasive Essay On Cross Country

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Rough Draft Cross country is probably the simplest sport anyone will ever play. All they need is a pair of sneakers and a water bottle. The team runs together, but also as individuals. Cross country is great because even though it is hard, it will help make runners stronger and better at other sports they play. It helps them because after doing it for a while, they will have more endurance. Running cross country will help people run farther faster without getting tired. Running cross country is easier said than done. Unlike other sports, players are running off road. Depending on what grade they are in, they run different distances. One doesn't always run with their teammate during a race, but it's good to run with them at practice. It doesn't matter how …show more content…

It feels like it just flies by in seconds. Races can be very hard if runners haven't trained though. They have to set a good pace for themselves. If they don't, racers might run way too fast in the beginning and then get tired and won't be able to keep running. This sounds silly, but runners will also have to make sure their shoes are on tight so they don't fall off. If they do, racers shouldn't stop for them, they should just keep going. After you finish they can go get them. When runners are done with the race, they should stretch so they aren't sore the next day. Also they must eat salty and sugary foods after the run. The salt will help make up for all the sweat racers lost running and the sugar will give them energy. In the end, cross country is a very rewarding sport. It helps you become stronger and conditions you for other sports. It also helps you with endurance and never giving up. Cross country is also a great way to stay in shape if your sports season is over or you just want to stay healthy. It's also very important to eat good foods before and after the race and stretch when you're

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