Benefits Of Travel Sports

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There is a big debate going around about whether travel sports are necessary or not. Some people do not think that travel sports are beneficial because there is too much pressure or it costs too much. On the on the other hand, research explains how 96% of 1,250 actually enjoy playing a travel sport and it is very beneficial for them (Matz). Travel sports can be very beneficial because kids can have a better way of life, it can provide fitness, and kids can become great athletes.

Travel sports are necessary because people can have a better way of life with the help of travel sports. For example, girls who play sports have better self-esteem. Research showed that female athletes that are involved in sports are more likely to be less depressed,
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Specifically, travel sports can help kids get to a high level in athletics one day. Research explains how someone’s child could be playing at a very high level one day. If their kid plays for somewhere like Sweden or England, it can help them learn that country’s culture, which would have an influence on their kid. It will make them look at the fact that there is more to the world than just what they grew up with. There are not many programs that can say that (“3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Travel Sports”). This shows that travel sports can lead to a high level in that sport. Not only are the kids playing the sport they love, they are learning about other countries. Furthermore, people find out that kids benefit early on from playing travel sports as kids. An article illustrates that Don Westfall, the general Manager of the Connecticut Sportsplex in North Branford, wrote how they are realizing that kids are better athletes at a higher level because they began playing that support at a young age. They have improved those skills through travel sports with a higher level of training (Kountz). This explains how travel sports are improving their skill level because they started practicing/playing at a young age. Travel sports give the kids a high level to practice at, so they can become great at that sport one day. Lastly, a mom realizes that playing travel sports really benefited her and her daughter. A website says, “Nicole Andreesen, Sara’s mother, played soccer on both the high school and college level. Now, she coaches young players. She cannot say enough great comment about what being on an elite team has meant to her daughter on and off the field” (Kountz). This is crucial because a mom has experienced travel sports helping her own daughter get better at soccer. She knows how much being on a travel team means to her because she experienced it herself.
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