City Lifeguard: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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When I was six years old, I would not let go of my dad when we first entered the pool for the fear that I would drown. Now I am seven-teen years old and I fear not being fast enough. Swimming is my passion, and my life, but this wasn’t always the case. Since my high school doesn’t offer a swim team, I sought a team outside of my school district. After finding that Banning High school offered an after school swim team, I joined their swim team around the age of twelve. Despite working hard at practice every day, I was not able to get faster. I was determined to get better so I would go home, watch videos, and learn the techniques. All of my friends and family motivated me to not give up. I started to attend every competition and even though I was not coming out in the first place, I kept trying.…show more content…
Being first place in all my races was not enough for me, I strived to improve my time every instant I dove in the pool. To this day, I continue to attend swim team twice a week and swim extra on the weekends to keep in shape. On top of that, I will soon be an L.A. City Lifeguard starting the summer of 2017. Without swimming, I wouldn’t have developed the drive, the motivation, or the perseverance I continue to have

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