Cross Country Essay

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One incident I can recount when I experienced failure was when I joined Cross Country. Since, I can remember I have always excelled at everything I did, from my academics to dance class to music lessons. When I entered into my freshman year of high school, I decided I would to join an athletic team in order to keep myself occupied outside of academics. I figured joining a sport would be another good attribute to add to my resume. Initially, my mind was set to join the soccer team. However, I found out there weren’t any openings available. The only team that had an opening was The Cross Country Team. I was terrified…my parents encouraged me to join as there wasn’t an option not to. Prior to my first day of practice I mistakenly prepared myself for failure. I remembered my coach telling me at the minimum we would be running four miles a day I order to get prepared for our first meet. By the time I finished pondering how long four miles would take, my team had already vanished and left me behind. I knew I had only been running approximately five minutes, however my body felt as if it had been running …show more content…

This was also the first time I felt my heart had it’s own mind. My heart was saying ”Jump out of Mikayla and go back home…She’s crazy!” Back to reality…there was no turning back once all of the girls from each team lined up on the starting line. I remember telling myself that as long as I didn’t get last place I could possibly be considered a decent runner. Powwwww…the gun goes off and all I could hear was the echoes of feet hitting the ground. I continuously told myself to continue to running no matter what. It was only the first mile when I realized, I was the female coming into last place. All I could think of was to head into the woods to cry. It was there where I began asking myself “Why did I sign me up for this sport?” That day I did come in last place along with the pity clap for

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