Personal Narrative On Skiing

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Awsam Bouabid

There I was out in the cold, in the middle of January, at 6:00 AM. I had put my skis in the bus and was waiting for Mr. Mud to get on the bus and do a roll call. It was the third race of the season, but it would be my first time actually racing. Once, Mr. Mud was done, we left Simsbury High School, and headed to some far off place to ski. When we arrived at out skiing destination, we got our belongings out of the bus, settled in at the lodge, and began practicing. At first, I had a bit of trouble staying on balance and actually skiing, but then I finally balanced myself out. I tried doing one run of the course, and it was quite challenging. I didn’t even make it past the first hill, but I didn’t know how. I returned to the lodge early. Then, the races began, and I became quite anxious as the beginner race …show more content…

An hour or so before my race, a friend offered me some help with my skiing. Once again, I went outside and was practicing, but this time with help. I had some trouble even with help. I slipped, couldn’t slow myself down, and I actually nearly ran into somebody, but I eventually got the hang of it. Later on, my race began, and I was filled with anxiety. This time, however, I managed to make it past those steep inclines and declines, and I actually completed the course. It took me 44 minutes, but I completed it. After the course, my friends congratulated me. After a lot of trouble and challenges through the season, I finally finish my first cross country ski race, and I go back home prouder, more courageous, and with a new sense of

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