Personal Narrative: My Trip To Bartlett Lake

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A few weeks ago, I hit the surface of a lake while going forty miles per hour. It all started when we made the one and a half hour trip up to Bartlett lake. When we arrived, we promptly proceeded to unload everything from the small trailer. The trailer felt like it was two hundred feet long because unloading took forever. We then searched for flashlights and lanterns so we could see in the dark. While we were searching, one of the other scouts said “Hey, I think I found a flashlight”. When he held it up, I shined my flashlight on it and said “That’s only a rock!” We all laughed. A couple of other guys eventually found flashlights. Later, we found the two lanterns. We took one of the lanterns out of the case, put a wick in the lantern…show more content…
Once we were all on the boat they told us we would first be tubing then slalom skiing. The owners of the boat told us that two people would go on the tube at a time. I was in the second group to go on the tube. When I first got on the tube, I thought “this is going to be great!” We stayed on the tube for about eleven minutes and were going about 40 miles per hour. One second, I was proudly handing on to the tube, the next, I was watching the raft zoom away. When I eventually wiped out, I felt like I had jumped out of a moving bus. When I finally surfaced, I watched the tube fly through the air. After a couple more groups went, our turn came up again. The second time I did not do as well as the first. After about seven minutes, I wiped out, which again, felt like jumping off a bus. I decided that it was awesome and I would definitely try again. After we did this a couple more times they took us back to our camp site. One of our leaders said we could go out and do slalom skiing while he and one other kid packed up the camp site. I rode in the boat and watched because my legs and arms were exhausted. After that we came back to the camp site and started to help the leaders pack
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