Ski Essays

  • Loveland Ski Narrative

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    these things were going to happen or somehow set them up. I wonder if these things are stoppable. “BEEP BEEP” the bus goes when we drive into the parking lot. Through the windows, I feel the cool snow breathing on my neck. “Here we are! Loveland Ski Resort,” Mr. Dugan, the bus driver shouted across the intercom. My friends and I heard the sound of the emergency brake being set, and we hopped out of our seats. “Oh boy does that feel good.” I said to my best friend, Ashley, as I stretched out my

  • Chestnut Ski Resort: A Short Story

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    The earth had been blanketed in a thick, wet, heavy carpet of snow.It was early January at Chestnut Ski Resort. My Boy Scout Troop and I were on a ski trip and it wasn’t going well for me. My feet were being suffocated by the soft padding of the armor-like ski boots. The sun’s light was hard to escape due to the mirror like qualities of the snow. The trees were whispering like an audience preparing for a show. Ahead of me I saw blurs of color slowly descending the crystal white slopes. The anticipation

  • Powder Ridge Ski Resort Case Study

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    snowtube with four children at Powder Ridge Ski Resort on February 16 2003, where is a place for ski, snowboard and snowtube. Neither the Plaintiff nor these four children had experiences of using snowtube at Powder Ridge Ski Resort. This facility was opened for all guests, but there were 2 restrictions of age and height that players at least 6 years old or 44 inches tall were allowed to participate. Furthermore, who wants to snowtube at Powder Ridge Ski Resort were asked to sign a “Waiver, Defense

  • Personal Narrative: Learning How To Ski Powder

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    A memorable experience I have is learning how to ski powder. If you don’t no how to ski powder then you will hate it. Let me tell you my experience. It was the year 2016 the snow was up to my waist in powder. I get out of the car to feel the cool brisk winter air on my nose and get ready to go. Everybody told me how fun powder is to ski. When me my dad and older sister start to head down to the lift my ski binding is to loose and my ski came off. Luckily I was not that far from our car. So we went

  • Ski Photography Research Paper

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    Record the charm of extreme sports from a different perspective. The traditional ski photography is generally photographed from the lower elevation angle or the side, if change the camera 's angle and photograph the skiers back from another angle, you will often get impressive photos. Adventure sports photographer Christian Pondella photographg this photo for the professional skierArne Backstrom in France Chamonix town. Christian said, " In order to take the photo of this snow ditch, we had to slide

  • Emergency Line Narrative

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    realizing the severity of the injury, we sat there as we waited for people to help. Going several hours back in time, my eight year old sister and ten year old I were driven to Wachusett Mountain, going to a ski lesson, unaware of the events to come. We ate a quick breakfast, packed our ski bags, and set off with our father chauffeuring us. It turned out that me and my sister were the only ones at that lesson that day, I being less than enthused. (I somewhat dislike my sister for many miscellaneous

  • Personal Narrative On Alpine Skiing

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    downhill is that instead of taking the chairlift up the mountain, you put skins on the bottom of your skis and hike up. It was probably around 6 in the morning in early March when my ski group and I woke up from our slumbers in the warm, cozy lodge, threw our packs and skins on, and set off down the trail. We were hoping to catch the sunrise, in about an hour, from a weather tower at the top of the ski mountain we were on. It was a hard trail, with lots of steep uphills and sheer downhills, but we pushed

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Shawnee Mountain

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    into the central area, we grouped up. There was a window of about half an hour for us to go down the bunny slopes to practice before the actual lessons were available. There were two tiers to the slope, a lower section and a higher section. A ski lift carried people to the high area

  • Personal Narrative: My First Day In Colorado

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    There I was, fifty feet up and feet dangling from that magical metal bench as we soared towards the summit. It was a cold and cloudy day at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado. I was bundled up from head to toe, ready to brace the elements and hopefully my fears. As our journey on the lift was coming to an end we prepared to disembark to a much more daunting quest. When we reached the top we exited the chair lift and I nearly fell face first into the ice cold now, but I caught myself and was able

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Skiing

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    Once we got to the top, the cafe at the bottom of the slope looked like just a small block. The music that I was sure could be heard for miles around was just barely audible from up here. “Have people died on this slope before?” Mika asked our ski instructor, Shawn, as we looked down at the steep slope. “I don’t think anyone has died,” he said in a very South African accent. “But seriously injured, yes.” I looked at Mika in shock, hoping that I wouldn’t join the group of seriously injured

  • Personal Narrative: The Rocky Mountains

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    valley with tall, and beautiful evergreen trees on either side. When you got to the end of the path you got on another ski lift and went further up the mountain. That night we took a bus to a whole other resort that had night skiing it wasn 't as bright as it was in the day from the sun reflecting off of the snow and blinding you even if you had goggles on. When we got off the ski lift the soft snow from the day had turned into hard and slick ice. As we went down the mountain I had to concentrate

  • Water Skiing Persuasive Speech

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    How “NOT” to teach a child to water ski If you have ever water skied, you know how difficult it can be in the beginning. It can get pretty tricky and scary! Consequently; the same goes for a child although, children are fearless until we plant the seeds of fear in their minds. At no time should we tell them if they want to try anything new; it could be their demise. There are challenges in everything they are going to face while maturing. Implanting fear shouldn’t be something we do unless

  • Essay On Alpine Skiing

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    South Korea? The Winter Olympics has a sport called Alpine Skiing. First of all, there are four components to this specific event. In the following, I will be explaining how you compete. You will turn your skis to the direction you want to go, but you have to turn your legs before your body. The Ski Racing in the U.S uses two points list to rank. USSA ranks them nationally and the FIS ranks the skiers internationally. The judges usually use the racers time against the winners times. Next, they take

  • Personal Narrative On Skiing

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    Awsam Bouabid There I was out in the cold, in the middle of January, at 6:00 AM. I had put my skis in the bus and was waiting for Mr. Mud to get on the bus and do a roll call. It was the third race of the season, but it would be my first time actually racing. Once, Mr. Mud was done, we left Simsbury High School, and headed to some far off place to ski. When we arrived at out skiing destination, we got our belongings out of the bus, settled in at the lodge, and began practicing. At first, I had

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Big Bear Lake

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    Hello! Yes I am doing well and had been travelling a lot recently. I am going to Big Bear Lake in CA this weekend with a couple friends. Time to ski! haha Next weekend I am going IA with mom guys. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and I would go visit again in the future. I also went ski for the first time near Lake Tahoe too. Fortunately, I did not take my car to CA this trip, used a friend 's car, 2014 Volkswagen. The car was alright to drive we switched off but the car did got stuck in ice when we were

  • Family Skiing Essay

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    ones making arrangements a ski involvement for the entire family, you're no doubt eager about taking the hover of relatives. It is conventional to be a little on edge as well. You may be included around the dangers for you and your children (and through expansion—each else at the inclines). This is what you need to perceive in expressions of possess family ski wellbeing to keep up yourself and your hover of relatives members secure and hoppy. Our Manual for Family Ski Security Around seventy-five

  • Personal Narrative: My Stereotypes Of Skiing

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    In my case, the Colorado one is. I love the outdoors, there is something about the way it is so serene, the way it is full of never ending beauty and adventure. It's because of this stereotype that every fifth grader gets a free pass to visit any ski resort of their choice three times in the season. My dad has always loved skiing, so naturally I have too. I learned in fifth grade and ever since then it has become a tradition to go skiing all the time; specifically on New Years Day. Since I have

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Colonial Beach

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    before, but I am always open to new experiences. It did not take me long to get the hang of it, in fact, even my little sister could do it after a couple of tries! One day, my dad decided to take out his old skis. I was ecstatic to try them! I attempted every weekend to stand up on the skis, but it was so challenging! I rummaged through the internet for videos and suggestions, but for some reason my body did not want to cooperate. Until one Saturday afternoon, when my luck changed. We rode out to

  • Reaction Paper About Snowboarding

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    Snowboarding is a very well known sport as of today in modern time. Though snowboarding was first created a long time ago, the real movement of progress in the sport happened 1965. Many skiers looked down on the sport as they thought anyone who participated in the sport were “Rebels” and “Young teenagers.” From there on many skiers and snowboarders will have problems with each other. There were many well known people starting to shine during this period as they found the sport. One of the most popular

  • Cross Country Skiing Case Study

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    Physiology of Exercise of Competitive Cross-Country Skiing Name Institution Physiology of exercise of Competitive cross-country skiing Recovery mechanism Competitive cross-country skiing is a strenuous endurance sport in which efficiency and energy delivery are deemed very important to achieve a high performance. Recently, shorter sprint competitions have been adopted; skiers are subjected to time-trial qualification race with three knockout heats. The heats take approximately 3-4 minutes