Ski Photography Research Paper

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Record the charm of extreme sports from a different perspective.
The traditional ski photography is generally photographed from the lower elevation angle or the side, if change the camera 's angle and photograph the skiers back from another angle, you will often get impressive photos.
Adventure sports photographer Christian Pondella photographg this photo for the professional skierArne Backstrom in France Chamonix town. Christian said, " In order to take the photo of this snow ditch, we had to slide down over 100 m.
" Once everything is ready, Arne just to slip to the snow ditch, and I am responsible for the entire process of photographing. When you look at this photo, you 'd better also be able to image yourself as a participant of the scene, that you are cooperating with professional athletes. "
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Photographing Tips
1.When photographing ski photos, you must wear thick coats and pay attention to keeping warm. Moreover, you should put a few spare batteries in the pocket and ensure that the camera has been in an electric state.
2.Do not choose to photograph at the sharp turn of the snow trail, or wait at the foot of the mountain, this is very dangerous, the coming skiers may not see
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