Persuasive Speech On Skiing

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As you ride up the lift, you see the little snowflakes make their way to the ground. “Fresh powder!” You think. As you ascend the mountain, you see people speeding by down the slopes. All the trees are covered thickly in white powder. As you step off the lift, you head straight for the trail, and start zooming down. You speed by your friends as you have adrenaline running through your veins! You head straight for the ramp and you jump! Soaring through the air like an eagle you touch down to the ground, and stop down at the bottom of the mountain. Skiing is a fun winter pastime that is way healthier than sitting by the fire. Skiing is a fun, rewarding, and challenging sport! Did you know, skiing is no modern sport? However, don 't forget there …show more content…

When skiing, your legs need to bear the tension of your weight and speed while you’re moving and turning down the mountain. This will increase your leg strength. Including that you 're also preventing knee damage, osteoporosis, and other knee related conditions. In addition, when skiing, you 're always squatting, so that works on your thighs, your hamstrings, quads and glutes. Also, Doctor Graina Oursler says that, “Skiing Boosts your mood. Skiing not only boosts overall happiness and well-being, but it is beneficial to an individual’s physical and mental health, despite the frequency or duration of the activity.” Health Fitness Revolution says, “Since skiing uses all parts of your body, you will get tired quickly. That means you 'll get a good night 's rest.” As a matter of fact, skiing is an aerobic endurance activity, so it can help you burn calories and lose weight. According to Spry Living, they state that “When skiing, you’re constantly fighting to stay balanced, and your core is engaged at all times. This helps your balance and agility, and can help prevent falls at older …show more content…

Every winter sport has a big risk of hurting your head. “Helmets reduce the incidence of any head injury by 30-50%” according to Jasper Shealy, professor emeritus at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, N.Y. When you are on the mountain, you reach higher altitudes. The UV rays are much more harmful then if you were at the base. So when the sun reflects off the snow into your eyes, that 'll hurt. So make sure you have certified skiing goggles to help you enjoy skiing and prevent future health problems. But other then having head and eye gear, make sure you have the right clothes too! Ideally, you want to have 2-3 layers. The Huffington Post recommends that the first layer you 'll want insulative clothes like long johns. For you 're midlayer, you 'll want a zippable jacket, so if you get too hot, you can take it off. And for you 're outer layer, ski jackets and pants are you 're finale. Note: not all jackets or pants have the same insulative properties. How protective the jacket or pants are may affect how protective you 're other layers are. Just remember though, ski pants are important, especially when you 're a beginner, because you 'll probably fall a lot, and you don 't want to get wet. Also, jackets with waterproof fabric are ideal. Just remember, you will need a little bigger jacket then your normal size because of your under layers- they take more

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