How To Big Bear Lake Tahoe

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Yes I am doing well and had been travelling a lot recently. I am going to Big Bear Lake in CA this weekend with a couple friends. Time to ski! haha Next weekend I am going IA with mom guys. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and I would go visit again in the future. I also went ski for the first time near Lake Tahoe too. Fortunately, I did not take my car to CA this trip, used a friend 's car, 2014 Volkswagen. The car was alright to drive we switched off but the car did got stuck in ice when we were going uphill to Lake Tahoe (HAHA) luckily we had two big American young boys passing by and helped to push the car out. And I was not driving at the time so I was just sitting in the car while the boys pushed the car. I did drive in snow and that was fun and you can proudly call me a good driver now! (Long distance and snow). And of course, I always have the seat belt on 
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There are a couple basketball and wrestling games going on. And most importantly, to spend some time with Mom because I never have time to. Not going to drive to Iowa for sure. Grandma have been pissing everyone off so I am not sure how she is doing. I learned she is not getting along with mom too well from our last phone
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