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Hello friends. My name is Sam Worcester, however most people call me by my superhero name: ThinkSafe. Not many people can say that they have saved the world but I can. I have saved the world, and this is my story. Starting when I was just a regular 12 year old boy back in 1989, growing up in the great state of Arizona. Not much happened there, but I did manage to find some adventure going into the Grand Canyon when I could. My parents always told me to be safe, which I was. One day as I was touring a seemingly deserted area, I had stumbled upon a cave. I guess I had wandered off too far because I had no clue where I was, but that didn't mat-ter, I always liked exploring new parts and I always marked where I had been. This cave was strange there were symbols on the wall that were glowing. …show more content…

I started moving too fast, and I tripped, cut open my hand, and started bleeding. I figured I had better leave and visit it again, but the blood from my hands got on the wall. Everything got bright and then suddenly I was floating. I blacked out and woke up to a police officer staring at my and my parents happy I was safe. I had been gone for 12 hours with-out contact. Everything from that point in my life had only gotten better. I would have these dreams about a different boy cutting his hand and floating too, except he was on the other side of the earth... In a cave in the mountains of Tibet. I had no idea what they meant. Very shortly thereafter I had gotten my super powers: durability, and super-telekinesis. I had the power to move anything no matter how big or small with my mind. I could even alter temperature and light. I would fly by picking myself up. Also, no matter how hard I'd hit my self on something I sustained no pain or injury, because of my super durability. Now that you know a bit of my backstory, let me tell you my story about how I saved the

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