Why I Want To Become A Soccer Player Essay

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For many years I was interested in becoming the greatest soccer player in the world but I practiced only like once every two weeks. I started noticing that all of my friends were surpassing me in soccer and becoming a lot better than me. I asked myself, “how am I going to become the greatest soccer player in the world if I rarely practice and all my friends are becoming better than me?”. I told myself that I would become better than all of my friends again and that I would practice everyday for three hours. I asked myself, “am I actually going to meet my goal of becoming better than all of my friends and am I actually going to practice for three hours every day?”. I decided that I would meet my goals because I was going to try to become a really good soccer player. The next day, after …show more content…

I also had to get stronger so when someone would try to body on the field, they would just bounce off. Every day I would try to run around the whole field in less than a minute for an hour. For the other two hours, I would work out so that my cabs and thighs would become stronger and also so that the upper part of my body would become stronger. After a month, I met my goals, I would run around the field in thirty eight seconds and I could outrun everyone on the field and I could get the ball harder and no one could push me from the ball when they would body me. Even though I had met my goals, that didn’t mean I was going to stop practicing. Now I practice four hours a day but only on week days. In conclusion, to reach your goals, you have to set goals and meet them by practicing hard. The only reason I became better than my friends is because I practiced very hard everyday but just because you meet your goals, that doesn’t mean that you quit practicing and quit trying to become the best because if you do then all the hard work was for

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