Informative Essay On Survival Swim

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Three hundred and fifty children under the age of five drown in pools each year nationwide. Two thousand and six hundred children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for near-drowning incidents. These statistics can bring chills down one’s spine. With drowning being such a threat, it is surprising how many guardians of young children dismiss the importance of their child learning how to swim. Survival swim lessons gives infants and toddlers the skills they need to move through the water independently while incorporating being able to breath when needed. Although some parents are fearful of their child swimming, infants and toddlers should be enrolled in survival swim lessons. It is common to dismiss this silent killer. Seventy five percent of drowning victims are between the age one and three (MomsTEAM). More than half of these drownings occur in the child’s home pool. Most accidents occur while infants and toddlers are near adults, in familiar surroundings, and very quickly. It takes less than two minutes to drown. Survival …show more content…

Ask swim lesson places if their instructors are water safety certified, lifeguard certified, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified. These certifications guarantee that the instructor meets Red Cross’s standards and can teach swimmers of all ages and abilities how to be more efficient in the water (Red Cross). All aquatic programs should include information on cognitive and motor limitations of infants and toddlers, the stradgendies of drowning, and the role of adults in supervising and monitoring the safety of children in and around the water and how to apply these things to being efficient in the water. Starfish Swim School of Georgia explains what these swim lessons

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