Personal Narrative: Sartell Swim

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It was mid season, I had just made section time in the 100 backstroke a week ago. I was on my way to being top four on the Sartell swim team, and making the state team. Then one day during the beginning of practice I came above the surface of the water but something was off. I looked around and everyone was looking at me. I thought I just went fast or made a weird noise, but I was wrong. The coach came over and told me to go to the showers. I was concerned because the workout was not over yet. I went to the showers and rinsed off, I still did not know what was wrong. Then I looked in the mirror. My face was a bumpy, gross tomato.

This did not make any sense. I just looked in the mirror before practice. I thought my faced looked a little red but not anything like this. I mean maybe I just didn’t realize my face was a nasty looking ball. After staring at myself for a couple seconds I went back to the pool. I got back in, finished my …show more content…

I tried everything from showering before to rubbing Vaseline on my face, but nothing worked. I could not swim on my team anymore. During that time I would sometimes just go to swim practice and sit on the side, pretending I was in the water. That wasn’t even the worst part either. The worst part was that everywhere I looked my peers, teachers, and friends were staring at me. One day it got so bad I went to the nurse and asked to go home because my rash hurt so bad. It didn’t even hurt, I just couldn’t be stared at any longer. The next day was my choir concert. The whole choir rehearsed before school. It was an embarrassment, from the “what happened to your face” to the “you look like a tomato”. I just could not take it. I had to finally say to everyone “Don’t look at me”. That was probably the worst week of high school ever for me. I was a freshman and everyone who I passed in the hallway stared at me. How much worse could it

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