How Does One Generation Define American Identity

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Our American Identity- How does one generation define America today? How does one generation define what it means to be an American? Our lives are filled with chaotic events. Some are good, some are bad. Some events inspire us while others discourage us. My generation defines what it means to be American when we work as hard as we can. We show our American Identity when we are thankful for the countless sacrifices our parents have made. In August of 2016, the U.S Women 's Gymnastics Team took home the gold medal in the team all-around competition at the Rio Olympics. The hard work and dedication put in by the girls is outstanding. Furthermore, they’ve committed their lives to the gym. Consequently, their dedication paid off. I have always loved sports. I try my very best to work hard at them. The hard work that I have put in and the lessons I have learned, have helped shape who I am today. …show more content…

The sacrifices they made. The love they had for you. Just to see you succeed. Thoughts you can only imagine as a kid. The parents of these five girls have made sacrifice after sacrifice for them. I’ve watched videos and read books discussing the childhoods of the gymnasts. They talk about how grateful they are for their parents. The reason they are who they are today is partly because of their parents having a role in their identity. As I think more about it, I realize what a role my parents are playing in helping form my identity. Furthermore, they are partly why I am who I am. I can only hope that all American parents play an important role in their children 's identity. The U.S Women’s Gymnasts have inspired many Americans, considerably our youth. This team has helped my generation define what it 's like to be an American. Hard work will still payoff, even in today 's society. Although the world seems blurry and difficult, dedication helps keep you on the straight pathway to

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